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KFS and EHS: What you need to know

To support the required EHS approval for specific supplies, equipment and services, Commodity Codes were developed in KFS to automatically route requisitions to EHS for approval, as applicable.
To find the correct Commodity Code for your requisition in KFS, click on the Commodity Code spy glass and enter eh&s* in the Commodity Description field or enter 9* in the Commodity Code field and click Search. Click 'return value' for the code that meets your need.

See EHS-related Commodity Codes and Object Codes for a short description of the codes for Service & Maintenance of Clean Air Devices (Bio-Safety Cabinets and Clean Benches), Restricted Materials (Biological and Chemical), Restricted Equipment (Biological, Chemical, Radiological), Regulated Waste and Radioactive Material.

Clean Air Device Certifications: As of November 1, 2015 it is no longer necessary for owners to generate certification requisitions.

Clean Air Device Purchases: KFS Step-by-Step

Radioactive Material Purchases: Contact EHS, Amy Courchesne or 860-486-3613 for information and assistance.

*Refer to Kuali Expense Object Code Descriptions for full descriptions of Expense Object Codes.