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Chemical Health & Safety

Quick Guide to Chemical Waste Disposal

EH&S picks up waste chemicals from individual laboratories several times each week. Call ext. 6-3613 to arrange a pickup. Please leave your name, phone number, building name, room number and a brief description of the waste to be picked up. Chemicals will not be picked up if the proper forms are not filled out.

How to dispose of chemical waste:

  • ALL waste containers must be marked with the words, "Hazardous Waste".
  • Each waste container must have a tight-fitting cap (no corks or wax sealers).
  • The container must not leak.
  • Incompatible chemicals must not be mixed.
  • Remove or deface old or extraneous labels on the container.
  • Commercial products must be accompanied by an MSDS.
  • Completely fill out a Hazardous Waste tag for each individual container.
  • DO NOT place a date on this tag until EH&S has been called for a pickup.
  • Complete all information requested.
  • List all contents; percentages should add up to 100%.
  • Use full chemical names (No formulas or abbreviations).

Hazardous Waste tags are supplied by EH&S

For your convenience, Laboratory Clean Out Forms can be used instead of Hazardous Waste tags for extensive laboratory clean outs where chemicals are in their original containers. Call ext. 6-3613 for these forms.

For further instructions on chemical waste disposal, such as hazard determination, unlabeled/unknown chemical disposal, segregation, see Appendix F of the UConn Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Any questions regarding hazardous waste can be directed to Denis Shannon, Chemical Health & Safety Specialist at ext. 6-3613.

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