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Biological Agent Use Registration (BAUR)


Approved by:


Biological Agent Use Registration (BAUR)

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

November 18, 2003


The purpose of this University policy is to ensure that all University personnel who conduct, or intend to conduct, biological research at the University of Connecticut register their possession of biological materials with Biological Safety, a section of the Environmental Health and Safety Department.


  • This policy applies to all Principal Investigators, Lead Instructors, Laboratory Directors and/or Laboratory Supervisors who possess biological agents is use or storage at the Storrs and regional campuses.
    Biological Agents are defined as living organisms and their products. These agents include but are not limited to: all microorganisms, biological toxins, biological allergens, viruses, subviral particles, recombinant products, parasites, animals, animal and human cells, tissues, organs, blood, and body fluids.


Description of Requirements

  • The BAUR form should be filled out, signed by the project or facility Principal Investigator (PI) and returned to Biosafety by mail (U-4097). If the form is filled out by someone other than the PI, it is the responsibility of the PI to assure that all the information is accurate.
  • The PI is responsible to maintain a copy of the registration submitted. The PI is also responsible to keep a copy in the facility of any laboratory approval letters issued by Biosafety.
  • The PI is responsible to update the information on the BAUR annually or whenever personnel and/or the biological agent(s) in use change(s).
  • On receipt of the BAUR, Biosafety reviews the registration, conducts a laboratory audit (if applicable) and assigns the BAUR registration number. A laboratory approval letter is sent to the registrant. The registrant may be asked to supply the BAUR number to granting agencies or to University committees as verification of Biological Agent Use Registration.
  • The BAUR form can be filled out on-line at If completed on-line, the form must be printed, signed by the Principal Investigator/Lead Instructor/Laboratory Director and sent to Biosafety (U-4097).