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Biological Health & Safety

Biosafety News

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The Biological Health and Safety Programs have 2 areas of focus: Biological Safety and Public Health. The aim of biological safety (biosafety) staff is to recognize and evaluate the occupational and laboratory risks associated with the use, storage or disposal of biological agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. The biosafety programs are designed to introduce and/or recommend procedures, practices, equipment and/or facility design that promotes contamination control, agent containment and/or risk reduction and to help assure University compliance with OSHA, CDC/HHS, NIH/HHS, DPH, FDA, DEP/EPA, USDA/APHIS, DOD, DOC, DOT and USPS regulations. The Public Health programs are designed to facilitate protection of the public health of the University community and visitors from environmental hazards (biological, chemical, radioactive and physical) associated with food and general hygiene by assuring the appropriate DEP, OSHA, Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), FDA, Public Health code and University policy regulations are followed.


David Cavallaro, Manager (Institutional Biosafety Officer), 486-3180

  • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and MUA questions, Select Agent Registration questions, Biosafety Level 3 registration questions, Biosafety general questions, bloodborne pathogens program
  • specialty areas: laboratory biosafety, biological risk assessment (including biological waste stream determinations), Biosafety training and development, microbial decontamination, clean air device and other engineering controls questions, Biosafety laboratory audit program, Department of Public Health facility inspection program

Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz , RS, Biological Health and Safety Senior Specialist (UConn Sanitarian), 486-6022

  • food safety, temporary food service applications, mobile vendors, any sanitation questions, potable and recreational water safety

Bill Field, Biological Health and Safety Senior Specialist, 486-1376

  • animal handlers safety program, animal facilities Biosafety audit program, Biosafety training, bloodborne pathogen program

Vacant, Biological Health and Safety Specialist I, 486-1380

  • laboratory Biosafety audit program, bloodborne pathogen program training